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Marma Therapy

The ancient art of marma pressure points.

Ayurvedic Cooking

Ayurvedic secrets for a wholesome body


Merging the art of yoga and Ayurveda

Pulse Analysis

Unlocking the Vedic clockwork of your body

Ayurveda Overview

Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life.” Ayurveda originated in India more than 5000 years ago. It is considered the mother of all healing systems. Ayurveda defines health as a perfect state of balance among the body’s three fundamental energies, or Doshas, and the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda helps us to live all aspects of our lives in the best possible manner. The main goals of Ayurveda are: 1. To preserve the health of a healthy person 2. To prevent the disease in a healthy person.

Our Services

Ayurvedic Consultation

In advance of your initial Ayurvedic consultation you will go through serious of questions and pulse reading to find your unique …

Pulse Analysis

Ayurveda is an ancient traditional science. There are different methodologies uses to assess one’s overall health.

Marma Therapy

Marmas are vital energy points or junctions where two or more types of tissues meet e.g. muscles…

Ayurvedic Cooking workshop

Learn to cook Ayurvedic food with Anjana: Anjana offers Ayurvedic cooking workshop that will help you understand how to cook …

Latest Events

Pranayama Classes

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word to describe yogic breathing exercises that have the ability to increase our energy…

Madhubani Folk Art Classes

Madhubani Painting is a famous Indian Folk-Art form. Madhubani painting originated in theMithila region of Bihar ..

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes feature a hands-on approach to cooking a well-balanced, healthy, and a delicious food..

Latest Articles

Power of Breath

“Pranayama is generally defined as breath control. Although this interpretation may seem correct in view of the practices involved, it does not convey the full meaning of the term. The word pranayama is comprised of two roots: ‘prana’ plus ‘ayama’. Prana means ‘vital...

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Dinacharya Practices

Dinacharya Practices

Dinacharya is the Sanskrit term for Daily Ayurvedic Routine. Ayurvedic rituals, when practiced daily establish balance in one’s constitution, support optimal wellness and nourish our body, mind and soul. We are able to fulfill our dharma and share our gifts with the...

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Agni “The Digestive Fire”

Agni “The Digestive Fire”

Ayurveda has described an important factor of digestion and metabolism in our body as Agni. The food that we eat is to be digested, absorbed and assimilated, which is an important function for the maintenance of life, and is performed by our digestive fire “Agni”. In...

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What People Are Saying

I’ve been meaning to check in for a while, to let you know that I have been losing weight steadily by following the Ayurvedic diet and the guidelines you suggested! I am wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear in a long time, and the part that I find the most surprisingis that I’m not very hungry between meals and seem to need less food in general. When I was trying all the different variations of low carb diets, I felt like I was always hungry. So thank you!


Anjana is a dedicated and passionate about what she does, and it is so healing and comforting to be connected to her. She has full faith in Ayurveda and makes sure her education is ongoing in the field. She offered me herbs and within 24 hours I started feeling well. She is a gem.